The Zone is Never Too Far Away…

Many camps provide a fantastic summer for its campers, yet leaves them with only fond memories and sad goodbyes when summer comes to an end. The Zone, however, works at maintaining the relationships and inspiring moments found during the summer  with ChillZone, Shabbatons, and Yom Tov events throughout the year.

We recently received the following email from a couple of Zone campers who are now in seminary in Israel that illustrate the powerful outreach of The Zone:

Dear  our Oorah parents,

 As the yomim noraim  are coming to an end and seminary is on full ride now, we wanted to share a few thoughts. The zone has really prepared us for coming to Israel  even despite the challenges . It has taught us how to find the right girls to befriend, get into the more serious schools and really just shown us how much you’ve always been there for us. Times here might get hard but we always know TheZone is never too far away. We just wanted to let you know  with the zone as our background we were set up for an amazing, inspiring, growth oriented year. As we look at the girls around us , we see how lucky we are to have the zone to keep us connected. Our torahmates continue to inspire us over the seas so we never feel too far away. We look forward to the upcoming zone events, chillzone, and even hopefully to what this summer holds in store for us.

Chag semach

From  your children in Israel,

C & I

We are so happy these girls feel able and ready for an inspiring year in Israel!


A report from the front lines – Virginia

Just wanted to let u know how much chillzone has already enhanced our community just in the past 3 weeks.. It really is the first time in a long time that there are religious and secular girls in a room together and it’s just so special! One mother even mentioned to me that her daughter came home and said- it’s so much better than Sunday school.. I didn’t realize I could still be around Jewish girls and have a good time. Soo really just thank you Oorah for this opportunity

Atlanta Gets a ChillZone After All

atlanta 3 You may recall the letter we recently shared from the Heart sisters in Atlanta, begging us to open a ChillZone in their neighborhood. At the time, we really didn’t see how it would be possible, but in this line of business, you learn pretty quickly that nothing is impossible.

A short while after we got the letter, a staff member of TheZone from Atlanta, Adina Caplan, told us that she’d be home for mid-winter break and by any chance would we like her to run a one-time ChillZone while she was there?

atlanta 1 Well, you can guess what we answered to that! The Hearts were true to their word and brought many friends along. As you can see from the pictures, everyone had a great time!

atlanta 2 As a plus, none of the other girls who came were TheZone campers… or shall we say, have been TheZone campers in the past. Judging by their enthusiasm, there will be several new campers from Atlanta in camp this summer!

atlanta 4 As Adina said, “next time (Pesach???), it will be even better!” Seems like the Someone is listening to those Heart girls!

Do it for my Soul

How could we not share this beautifully touching letter from a couple of Chillers-at-heart in Atlanta?

ChillZone Letter from Heart Girls in Atlanta

Here are some highlights:

“… I miss the learning, the dancing, the prizes, all the smiling faces and the happiness in the air, it feels like you are soaring through the air. Whenever someone brings up a topic that can connect to ChillZone in any way, it brings my neshama [soul] to tears to remember the happiness and joy before we moved to Atlanta…. ChillZone is a place where you can laugh, sing, play, see smiles on everyone’s faces, see old friends, rejoice and much more…

It would mean a lot to me and my neshama for you to make a ChillZone in Atlanta please!!!”

The Week ChillZone Was Officially Cancelled

Cancel ChillZone Brooklyn?! Well, you can try...

Cancel ChillZone Brooklyn?! Well, you can try…

With heavy snow causing treacherous driving conditions across the East Coast a couple of weeks ago, many ChillZone programs were, to many children’s dismay, forced to cancel. But Elazar Wacholder, an Oorah volunteer, had a feeling that there would surely be some boys who wouldn’t get the update, so he made the trek to the Brooklyn ChillZone location at the usual time on Motzoei Shabbos. Sure enough, twenty boys and four staff members showed up.

Despite the frigidity outdoors, the Torah learning went strong and continued even longer than the usual time. As the boys were enjoying the hot food after the learning, Ariel’s* father told Elazar the most incredible story.

Read the story in the Yated’s Oorah column.

In Memoriam

Staten Island ChillZone girls' memorial cards

Staten Island ChillZone girls’ memorial cards

We at Oorah and TheZone were saddened to learn of the recent passing of the father of two of our Zoniacs and Staten Island Chillers, Aharon (Ari) Gruenzweig. At last night’s ChillZone program in Staten Island, the girls dedicated their learning in memory of Ariella and Dina’s father.

Aliza Perles, Head Chiller of ChillZone Staten Island, gave each of the girls a memorial card to dedicate their learning l’ilui nishmas Mr. Gruenzweig. “Aliza capitalized on a real teachable moment at ChillZone tonight,” Rabbi Avraham Krawiec commented, “and we thank her as well for the nechama (comfort) these cards will hopefully bring.”