Oorahthon’s Inspiring Moments

Oorah’s auction is always one of the most anticipated Oorah events of the year, with thousands of people taking part from all over the world. The Oorahthon, which takes place the night of the auction, is the highlight of the entire auction, as not only are the winners announced, but there is fun, entertaining and exciting programming, all lasting until the early hours of the morning. This programming gives a special peek into Oorah, as viewers are able to meet the dedicated staff, volunteers, and hear inspiring stories of those a part of the Oorah family. What viewers would not hear, are the fascinating stories of the some of the auction winners, which we only learn about after the auction is over. Here, we have detailed a few of the stories, so you can become just as inspired as we were!

  • The winner of the $4000 discover card had actually bought the ticket for someone else. While anyone who wins such a prize would be ecstatic, this winner was over the moon, and not because she would be using the money herself, but because she would be giving it away to her friend! Her friend, who has four children and is expecting her fifth, is having a very difficult time caring for her family. Unfortunately, her husband has been wrongly accused of a crime and is sitting in jail, unable to be there and provide for his family. The winner of the prize entered the auction, having in mind that if she won, she would give the life changing prize to her friend. And now, thanks to Hashem’s intervention, she is able to!
  • The “Go for The Gold” winner, has won an ounce of gold per family member. With 14 children, this lucky family has won 16 ounces of gold! Not only that, but the winner informed us that the family has recently took upon themselves to bench with sincere kavanah. She is convinced that they won this amazing prize in that zechus!
  • The “Mega Bucks” winner has won 100 times his donation. With every ticket being $5, this means that just by buying one ticket, he could have won $500! Wanting to donate generously regardless if he won or not, he gave $1000, knowing he was giving money to a great cause. Unbelievable, this lucky man won the prize, and now is the proud winner of $50,000!! You never know where your tzedakah will lead you!
  • During the Oorahthon, our lines momentarily went down due an electrical current zapping our equipment. With thousands of viewers and callers depending on us, we knew we had to get the equipment up and running right away. Needing a specific piece of phone equipment to bring our studio guests back on air, everyone was frantically in search of the part needed. Unbelievably, one person who “happened” to be at Oorah, watching the Oorahthon, had the replacement part in the car! He told us that he had the part available only because a friend had requested to borrow it a few days later. Because he didn’t want to forget to give it to his friend, he had placed it in his car days early. Thanks to his quick thinking and Hashem’s plans, we were able to get the Oorahton hotline up and running in no time!

To Guys in Shidduchim: We Have Tips for You Too!

shadchanus mainFollowing a humorous Simcha Spot post with tips to girls in shidduchim, here’s our tips  to the guys:

  1. We don’t actually believe in the shidduch crisis. Especially the one out of ten part.
  2. You can borrow your roommate’s car, but don’t leave his stuff on the back seat. It’s not polite. And we notice.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, we hate hotel lobbies! There, we said it.
  4. Don’t comment about our heels. We don’t actually like teetering all night
  5. It’s not our makeup-its natural 😉
  6. We get sprite not because we like it, but because it won’t stain our (usually) light clothes. Black is so last decade.
  7. So sometimes girls are on diets. It’s to please your mothers. It’s how we went out in the first place.
  8. We want to speak up, we’re just so overawed by what you just said that we’re speechless :eye roll:
  9. It’s hard to carry on a conversation while watching you dodge obstacles. This is not an arcade racing game, no matter how desperate you are to get home.
  10.  Girls at good at everything. And we’re not kidding 😉

This has been endorsed by the Oorah Auction shadchan gelt prize coordinators, in our ongoing efforts to help girls in their quest to find their bashert b’karov b’mheira b’yameino amen selah!

A Vow Twice Kept

A Vow Twice KeptOur senior account specialist was hard at work calling sponsors past to see if they’d be willing to help sponsor Oorah’s upcoming 2016 auction. She reached one fellow, made her request, and received an unexpected response: He’d be happy to help sponsor this coming Oorah auction, but not until he keeps the neder he made to someone in the Oorah office, this past June.

Now, in case you don’t know, a neder is a vow. And it’s serious stuff. If you make a neder, there’s no getting out of it.

That’s why, most of the time, when people make promises, they end the promise with the words: bli neder, to specify that they’re not making a vow. They do that because you never know what’s going to happen in the future and who knows—maybe something will come up to keep you from keeping that vow. It’s better to be on the safe side and say that your promise is not to be understood as an actual neder.

But this neder, the one this anonymous Oorah sponsor made, was an important one. His father, you see, had been in Auschwitz. Not only was he in Auschwitz, but he was there from the very beginning of the Holocaust.

Arbeit Macht Frei

It is an absolute miracle that any Jew survived the Hell that was Auschwitz, with its starvation diet, rampant disease, hard labor, and torture. But to think that someone survived all that for years on end, is a miracle beyond all miracles.

After Liberation, this man’s father found he was the only person in his family to have survived the war. Moreover, he discovered, the entire Jewish population of the town he came from in Poland, had been completely wiped out. Eviscerated.

He was the sole survivor of his family and of his town. And he was a miracle. As the sole representative of his line and of his town, he remained absolutely and completely frum. Hitler, may his name and memory be erased (yemach shmo) would not have the victory of robbing this Jew of his faith. He had survived for a reason and would not stain the name of his family or the town he came from by leaving his faith by the wayside.

He stayed frum and he was lucky enough to have a son. This son, too, was a faithful Yid, a frum Jew all his life, like his father, and the only frum male to represent his line. This was the sponsor who made the neder, the sponsor our senior account specialist had phoned.  He’d made a neder to Oorah that if any grandsons are born to him, he will give Oorah money to pay for a bris (circumcision) ceremony for an Oorah family.

Bris Mila

And yes! The man was blessed with a grandson last June. Thrilled with this blessing, this continuation of his line, a line of faithful Yidden, they and their faith surviving even through the brimstone of the Holocaust, he called Oorah and arranged to pay for one bris for one Oorah family.

Just as he’d promised.

He’d kept the neder.

Or so he’d thought.

But as it turns out, he wasn’t done yet. Something happened. He received another gift from Hashem, the gift of a second grandson, against all odds. Another miracle.


As such, the man came to the conclusion that he had not yet fulfilled his neder! He’d vowed to pay for the bris of an Oorah family if only he’d have a grandson and you see, it had happened AGAIN, when he’d thought it never would, the first time around.

How happy he was to continue his line, to have more frum males in the family, and so he asked if he might pay for another bris for another Oorah family.

The only caveat? That Oorah makes sure the Oorah representative he spoke to last June is informed that the neder has been kept. “Now that we’ve taken care of that,” he told the senior account specialist, “We can talk about me sponsoring Oorah’s 2016 auction.”

That is what he said, at any rate, and we, those of us at Oorah, would tend to believe him.

Being that he is a man who keeps his word.

Oorah-thon 2014 THIS Motzaei Shabbos!

We’ve got so much excitement planned for this year’s annual Oorah-thon! Kicking off with an entertaining children’s Fiveish Hour at 10 pm, call in to 732-FIVEISH for a chance to speak with Fiveish himself. Inspiring interviews from the frontlines of kiruv, frank discussion about shidduchim with leading shadchanim, entertainment and of course, live drawings of over $150,000 in Auction prizes!

Tune in Saturday night, May 24th, Motzaei Shabbos Parshas Bamidbar from 10-2 pm on air or online at www.oorahauction.org/oorahthon. And of course, don’t forget to donate— it’s your last chance! Don’t miss it!

Who knows? You just may be one of the lucky winners we call live on air!

How popular would Fiveish be as Mayor?!

We recently were contacted by someone who resides in Israel about her encounter with Fiveish and her impression of him. Below is the email she wrote to us:

“Hi Oorah,
I really don’t know who to send this to and I hope it gets to the right place. I was on the 72 bus today going past Meah Shearim in Yerushalayim. I looked out of the window and saw what I could only imagine was Fiveish standing on the corner and dancing for everyone. Normally I disapprove of these sorts of things because they usually upset people, make them uncomfortable and just disrupt normal life. BUT, what we saw Fiveish doing IMG_8556was totally different. He (somehow!) didn’t get in anyone’s way on an extremely busy Geula street corner. He didn’t make any of the cars or busses go out of their way. He was making children and adults smile and generally giving everyone a laugh on Rosh Chodesh Adar. I have to say it was a huge kiddush Hash-m and it made me so proud of Oorah. A silly costumed-character showed people that you can make a statment and have a good time without comprising your middos. You should all be matzliach with your endeavors and continue to show the world what Jews really are – representatives of Hash-m!”

We couldn’t agree more!

Kosher Cruise Winner Returns from Alaska

Last year was the first time we offered a kosher cruise to Alaska as a prize in the Oorah Auction, sponsored in part by Kosherica. The winner recently returned from the trip and sent us a couple of gorgeous shots which we’ll share here. Makes you want to head to Alaska too, doesn’t it?

The breathtaking view of Alaska from the Kosherica cruise ship.

The breathtaking view of Alaska from the Kosherica cruise ship.