The Shidduch Event that Singles Love

logo Today we’re going to share a letter to the editor in the Yated Neeman newspaper last week that we found particularly heartwarming. We’re happy to hear from our singles that we’re doing something right with our Rebbetzins program events. After all, they are who we are here for.

Dear Editor,

If anyone has ever gone to a meet the shadchan event before, you know it can be overwhelming. Trying to remember what you are looking for in a spouse, and the personality traits that make you unique all while trying to make a good impression.

However, the other night I went to a Shadchan neet hosted by, a shadchan organization started by Oorah. From the moment I stepped into the house where the event was hosted, I was greeted with warmth and friendliness and I was instantly at ease. Each shadchan I met with made me feel comfortable. The questions they asked really helped me be able to explain myself without making me feel pressure. It was extremely evident in the way the shadchanim and the amazing people who organized the event interacted with all of us that they were there only to help and support us.

I highly recommend joining the Rebbetzins program to anyone who is a baal teshuva or of baal teshuva background and is searching for their spouse. Filling out the questionnaire on the website is very easy to do. After filling out the questionnaire online and joining you become eligible to attend one of their shadchan meets.

We’ll be having another of these events in Flatbush on Sunday, January 12 from 4:30 to 8:30 pm by appointment ONLY. Pre-registration is required; email Our gracious hostess will be Mrs. Mollie Feldman.

Oorah’s Rebbetzins Program Takes a New Direction

just the word rebbetzins in logo

Rabbi Yehuda Beyda, formerly coordinator of Oorah’s Torah Spot in Staten Island, took over leadership of the Oorah Rebbetzins shidduch mentoring program this week, signaling a new direction for the program.

Mrs. Miriam Sonenschein, who skillfully led the program from its inception, gave over the reins to Rabbi Beyda last week. The Rebbetzins program was originally designed to provide single baalei teshuva and children of baalei teshuva with a mentor to guide them through “the parsha.”

The program now boasts hundreds of singles and volunteers, both men and women.

Under Rabbi Beyda’s leadership, the program will become a shadchan/matchmaking service of sorts besides for providing mentorship. Stay tuned for further updates on the expanded and improved Rebbetzins program!

Once a Rebbetzins single, now happily married

ES and his entire family live on Staten Island and are tightly connected to Oorah. ES was part of The Rebbetzins program and joined us at our Rebbetzins Retreat last year.
This letter was written by his wife:

Dear Miriam and the entire Rebbetzin Oorah team,

Thank you so much for creating this brainchild; a weekend for singles to meet each other and have a shadchan available to contact immediately and network with. In 2012 my husband E was, at 32, invited to this weekend, which offered him the opportunity to meet a few girls over the weekend and shadchanim as well. Fortunately, it gave him chizuk to date seriously. Shortly afterwards, in July 2012, E and I met up through a mutual friend of ours.
E was first introduced to Yiddishkeit through Oorah’s own special Rabbi Chaim Mintz. Today, decades later, after becoming frum as an adult 13 years ago, has built a life of Torah and Mitzvos. He married a Bais Yaakov student.
Please update your files to allow E to continue receiving mail at his new home…
Thank you again for the incredible work and outreach that you do!
E will be the one shomer shabbos family member to continue his family line being shomer torah umitzvos.
We look forward to hearing from the Oorah family in the future.

E & S S.