The Zone is Never Too Far Away…

Many camps provide a fantastic summer for its campers, yet leaves them with only fond memories and sad goodbyes when summer comes to an end. The Zone, however, works at maintaining the relationships and inspiring moments found during the summer  with ChillZone, Shabbatons, and Yom Tov events throughout the year.

We recently received the following email from a couple of Zone campers who are now in seminary in Israel that illustrate the powerful outreach of The Zone:

Dear  our Oorah parents,

 As the yomim noraim  are coming to an end and seminary is on full ride now, we wanted to share a few thoughts. The zone has really prepared us for coming to Israel  even despite the challenges . It has taught us how to find the right girls to befriend, get into the more serious schools and really just shown us how much you’ve always been there for us. Times here might get hard but we always know TheZone is never too far away. We just wanted to let you know  with the zone as our background we were set up for an amazing, inspiring, growth oriented year. As we look at the girls around us , we see how lucky we are to have the zone to keep us connected. Our torahmates continue to inspire us over the seas so we never feel too far away. We look forward to the upcoming zone events, chillzone, and even hopefully to what this summer holds in store for us.

Chag semach

From  your children in Israel,

C & I

We are so happy these girls feel able and ready for an inspiring year in Israel!


Special Visitors at TheZone

This past week, TheZone was honored to host Rabbi Hillel David and Rabbi Shlomo Feivel Schustal. The Rabbis spoke to the staff and gave them chizuk throughout their stay.

rabbi and staffrabbis speaking to staff

They also met campers individually, displaying their warmth and caring for each one. The campers, who don’t necessarily have access to rabbanim, had the opportunity to connect and observe these great Rabbis.

havdala with rabbirabbi and camper 2

While their visit was short, their impact is infinite as Zoniacs will always remember these special guests.

If this doesn’t make your heart melt, nothing will

This weekend, TheZone will be hosting hundreds of children and families for the annual Chanukah ShabbaZone. Our camp department is working overtime preparing for the event and fielding the many phone calls and applications coming in.

This email, received just this morning, stood out from all the rest:

“I’m sorry to bother you but I just got my Chanukah money today… and I look up the zone website to sign up and see that you are not accepting anymore boys to your shabbaton. If you can please give me a chance to pay you, it would be an honor to go to a huge shabbaton like this one. Any answer will suit me but just please respond as soon as possible so I would know if I need to buy meat for Shabbat so I can cook. Thank you… hag sameach.”

How could we say no to a request like that?

Two Special Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

With gratitude to Hashem Yisborach, Oorah Inc will be honored to share with you some pictures from the beautiful bar mitzvah celebrations recently commemorated in Israel!

Isaac Mlabsadi and Abraham Horowitz were two lucky Zoniac campers that celebrated their bar mitzahs in Israel surrounded by Zoniac staff. What and appropriate way to celebrate a momentous occasion in such a holy place with the people who inspire you most!

Abraham Horowitz:



Isaac Mlabsadi:

photo 2