Two Special Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

With gratitude to Hashem Yisborach, Oorah Inc will be honored to share with you some pictures from the beautiful bar mitzvah celebrations recently commemorated in Israel!

Isaac Mlabsadi and Abraham Horowitz were two lucky Zoniac campers that celebrated their bar mitzahs in Israel surrounded by Zoniac staff. What and appropriate way to celebrate a momentous occasion in such a holy place with the people who inspire you most!

Abraham Horowitz:



Isaac Mlabsadi:

photo 2

It’s a DU Shidduch!

We love it when this happens. We wish a hearty mazel tov and sincere congratulations to Avi Horowitz and Rivka Deutsch, both of Discover U on their engagement! Discover U is the Oorah camp program for post high school guys and girls. Both Avi and Rivka have contributed greatly to their respective programs and we wish the young couple much happiness!