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The Oorah Network

The Oorah network consists of many programs designed to provide year-round activities and educational opportunities to Jewish children and families. These programs include the following:

The Zone– Our summer camp in Gilboa, New york – Sponsored by Oorah

Torahmates – One-on-One Jewish learning program – Sponsored by Oorah

Rebbetzins – Jewish dating service – Sponsored by Oorah

Kars4Kids – Car donation program – Oorah is sponsored in part by Kars4kids

Oorah facebook – catch up on our latest news

Oorah YouTube – See our insightful and humorous videos

Oorah Twitter – Follow our up to the minute updates

Oorah Instagram -View great photos that capture the essence of Oorah

Oorah LinkedIn -connect with our vast business network

Oorah Pinterest -view our pins and boards for every Jewish occasion

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